When it comes to sports betting nothing is more valuable than information.

Regardless of whether your handicapping is 100% data and analytics driven, if you simply watch matches and use your years of experience to make assessments, or use a combination of the two, information is vital before placing a bet. Whether it is an injury to a key player, price movements or live stats, having the latest up to date information about a team or player can make all the difference.

Of course the internet has made the collection of information for punters easier than ever. Sites such as Twitter bring us news in real time from around the world, while sports bookmakers beam their live odds for all to see 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However collating this information can be difficult. Jumping from one site to another to gather the latest news and information can be time consuming, not to mention how annoying comparing different bookmaker prices can be. With this in mind, several providers have their own solutions to help give punters as much information as possible with a minimal amount of fuss and as quickly as possible.

Among those major players in the field are Z-Code (read our review here), and Sports Insights. Also in the mix are Las Vegas based Sports Options. With a free 7 day trial and the promise of an industry leading product we took a look to bring you our Sports Options review.

First Impressions

Unlike the mega hyped Z-Code landing page, the Sports Options website is clean, simple and easy to navigate. Right from the home page you can watch quick videos explaining exactly what Sports Options is and what the product does. It’s clear that there are three options available and what their monthly costs are. Best of all there is a 7 day free trial, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee.

To say that I was impressed with the offer of a 7 day trial is an understatement. Unlike many trials which involve putting down a credit card and converting to a membership after the 7 days, Sports Options sign up was quick and easy, no credit card needed!

To me this was a great sign that Sports Options believe in their product and that those taking the trial would convert into paying customers.

So first impressions are good, very good!

What is Sports Options?

Without even signing up for a trial or putting down money for a membership, what Sports Options is and what it does are very clear. And to be perfectly honest, it delivers exactly what it promises.

Unlike platforms such a Z-Code, Sports Options is a stand alone program rather than being inside of an internet browser. To use the program you will need a new(ish) version of Java, however the download is minimal. You will also need an internet connection to use the program as it relies on a lot of live information.

In great news for those who bet away from their computer somewhere like a casino there is also a mobile version of the program. Known as “mobile odds”, the application is the cheapest of the three options available and can be used on iPhones and iPads.

So now we know how the information is delivered, what information are we given?

  • Live odds from a range of sports books for range of markets including outright, 1st half, 2nd half, line and in play markets
  • Breaking injury news and reports
  • Live score updates
  • Archival lines and scores
  • Public betting percentages
  • Links to statistics and power rankings

So as you can see Sports Options is very live betting oriented. And not only that, it is very US oriented both in the way that information is presented and the sports which are available.

Currently Sports Options covers the following sports:

  • American Football (college, NFL, Arena, CFL, UFL)
  • Baseball (college & MLB)
  • Basketball (college, NBA, WNBA, Olympics, FIBA, Europleague)
  • Hockey (college and NHL)
  • Boxing and UFC
  • Golf
  • Soccer (EPL, La Liga, Serie A)
  • Tennis
  • Motorsport

What products are available?

Sports Options have broken their product down into three different options to cater for different levels of punter and budget.

The Professional Odds is aimed at the professional punter who needs information as quickly as possible. It includes all the features described above, and claims to be the fastest deliverer of information available. At $349 a month it is not cheap, but also includes the Mobile Odds version for free.

Standard Odds includes most of the same features as Professional Odds, however without the speed of delivery. How much of a difference there is in the delay isn’t clear, however if you don’t intend on betting live or just before kick off the $99 a month could be very good value.

Finally Mobile Odds can be purchased as either a stand alone product for $39 a month, or for an additional $19 a month with the Standard Odds package. For us Mobile Odds is one of the more brilliant products currently available on the market, especially for American punters. The ability to receive live information to an easy to use device while sitting in a casino sports book is great, if only you could then bet online as well….

Who should use Sports Options?

It’s worth pointing out here that Sports Options really is a live betting platform.

Yes it is great for comparing a wide range of different odds from a number of bookmakers, as well as a very basic view of where public money is going, but it is not a handicapping platform. You will never use Sports Options to make selections (unless you follow their systems described below), instead this is simply a tool for placing bets. All stats and information include in the package can be easily found online, for free.

But if you bet live Sports Options could be a great addition to your betting toolbox, especially if you bet live with bookmakers. I would also give Sports Options extra points for those betting more than one match at a time as its impossible to watch a number of games at once by yourself. At the very least its worth taking the 7 day trial to see for yourself.

But if you only bet one match at a time using one betting exchange this product isn’t made for you.

How does it perform?

So down to the real Sports Options review, how does it deliver on the promises?

Opening Sports Options for the first time can be quite an experience. Your heart sinks and you contemplate whether you have just spent a lot of month on something not very good, all before you even click a button.

Why I hear you ask? Because it looks like it was made in 1994.

The interface is seriously ugly and looks very, very old. You are smacked in the face with a wall of numbers and colours with no idea where to look or turn next. It’s at this point you should head to the user guide, and very quickly you will feel better. The program does have all the features, and quite good ones, its just a case of learning where they all are and what everything means.

I really can’t stress just how important the user guide will be for you, because like any tool, knowing how to use Sports Options is the most important thing.

If you simply leave Sports Options in its default settings you will be inundated with numbers, flashing colours, pop up scores and injury reports and a Stephen Hawking voice telling you every time its half time or full time somewhere in the world.

But, set up Sports Options to only display the sports and games you want, with the information you want displayed at a glance, and the notifications you want to receive and you have an amazingly powerful punting tool.

At the heart of Sports Options is the ability to track movements in the market, and rather than sitting watching a screen all day having the program tell you when movements happen. Want to know when a line moves a point in a certain way? Want to know if a price changes in a market in a certain direction? Want to know if there is an arbitrage opportunity? Sports Options will let you know straight away.

How about getting an email as soon as line ups are decided for a match? Or have a pop up if there is an injury in a match? What if there is a pitching change in a baseball match? Again Sports Options can do it all.

What if you’re betting in play and would like to know how a team has historically performed in the same scenario at half time? You guessed it, Sports Options can give you the information you need.

There are of course some down sides. I couldn’t find a feature to convert the displayed odds to decimals which I found frustrating as a non-American. Some of the features are also a bit buggy, clicking on a button sometimes does nothing although this was generally with “non-essential” features. I did find that this was generally fixed through the good old “turning it off and on again” technique.

For me a lot of the bookmakers displayed weren’t relevant to this part of the world, so you may have to open some new accounts to truly utilise the odds comparison feature. However Pinnacle is there, which we all know is the best price guide available.

Tipping services

Sports Options also includes a number of “system plays”. There isn’t a whole lot of information about each type of system, however you can easily search the past record of each to determine whether it is something you would like to follow. As with other information you have have plays delivered to you or come up as an alert in the system.

The system plays are a nice addition that aren’t really promoted as part of the product, but could actually be one of the Sports Options biggest strengths.

At $99 a month, the tipping service is definitely one of the cheapest available on the market. But if you think a bit more laterally, using the other features of Sports Options can make the tips even easier to follow.

Setting up alerts on the lines in the tips will take away the constant frustration of searching for a price, while the ability to easily compare different bookmaker prices also takes away a lot of the time that can be wasted simply placing a bet.


Sports Options is a no fuss information provider who deliver exactly what they promise, and arguably more. Sure the interface isn’t pretty, but it works. And the ability to tailor the program to suit your specific needs cannot be underestimated. Many punters have their own programs coded to do much of what Sport Options can do.

At $347 a month the Professional Odds version certainly isn’t cheap, and really is for those who are genuinely professional punters. But at $99 a month the Standard Odds version is definitely in the wheel house for those $50-$100 a game punters.

If you bet on any of the sports covered by Sports Options it is worth taking the free 7 day trial to see if the program can help your betting.

If you bet live into the major American sports at more that $50 a bet you must take the trial to see if it will help you.

You literally have nothing to lose.


Sportbettinginsider.com receives commission for referred customers to Sports Options. 

Sports Options Review
Sports Options is a no fuss information provider who deliver exactly what they promise, and arguably more. Sure the interface isn't pretty, but it works. And the ability to tailor the program to suit your specific needs cannot be underestimated. The 7 day trial is a must, see what it can do for you.
The Good
  • Up to date information & notifications
  • Ability to modify program for your needs
  • Mobile/tablet version
The Bad
  • Ugly (but functional) Interface
  • Very US certric
  • Sometimes buggy on non-essential features
4.0Overall Rating
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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