When it comes to who is the best sports bookmaker in the world there is a lot of competition out there. For us at the moment the crown rests with Pinnacle Sports, but in an increasing market there are more and more books snapping at their heals vying to be number one.

For the most part, especially for those punters in Australia, the major competition is coming from English books lead by William Hill and Bet 365. However another bookmaker has recently made a splash with extensive marketing and some very tempting bonuses and special offers, as well as an interesting point of differentiation.

In this review I take a look at Ladbrokes and see if their product matches the slick marketing.

Who are Ladbrokes?

For those based outside the UK Ladbrokes may seem like they have recently appeared out of thin air, but the truth is they certainly haven’t. One of the biggest gaming providers in the world, Ladbrokes is one of the top 250 biggest companies in the UK with turnover in excess of $1 billion.

Amazingly they have been in operation since 1886, and have operated both betting shops and online books. For a period of time they even ran Hilton Hotels outside the United States!

All this of course means that Ladbrokes is a trustworthy book and you can feel very safe in making a deposit.

But are they any good?

As you would expect from all big corporate bookmakers Ladbrokes come to the party with a very slick looking website, great marketing and a ton of offers, promotions and bonus bets to entice you to make a deposit.

Unlike a sport specific book like Pinnacle, Ladbrokes also have extensive coverage of all forms of racing. But then again so do most UK and Australian based books so no extra points there.

As expected there is also a huge number of markets across all major sports. If anything Ladbrokes cover a wider range of sports than Pinnacle, and certainly have many more markets available for each match. For proposition betters there are an amazing number of additional markets for each game, something that Pinnacle doesn’t offer.

While it certainly looks pretty, I wasn’t a massive fan of the Ladbrokes site in terms of functionality. Unlike some other books, clicking on the menu means loading the entire page again making it frustrating sometimes to drill down to an individual game. Sites like Centrebet do this much better where the page does not reload until you get down to specific type of market. Once you are in a game this improves with the use of an accordion menu which makes life easier.

I also found the general navigation a bit frustrating. With so many banners and promotions in your face its hard to find information. The need to scroll down just to get to the sports betting menu to select a sport is also a little annoying.

Really from the outside Ladbrokes look like your run of the mill sports bookmaker circa 2014. Slick, polished, with loads of markets across an almost infinite number of sports.

Where Ladbrokes (and to be fair almost all books), fall down is in their odds. Like most books they offer market percentages of 105% for line markets on major sports compared to Pinnacle’s 103%.

Is it worth opening an account then?

It might sound like I’m a bit down on Ladbrokes for being just another copy, paste sports book that but certainly isn’t the case. In fact, I would go as far as saying that a Ladbrokes account is a must for everyone!

What differentiates Ladbrokes from the rest are their promotions and bonus bets.

Yes like almost everyone else they will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, but its their ongoing promotions that will really get you excited. Whether is $2 lines on selected NBA matches each week, reduced juice on EPL multis, or bonus bets if your NFL team leads at half time and loses, Ladbrokes has almost every sport covered with some type of promotion.

Will you bet every promotion every week? Of course not. But what if once a month you can get $2 on a line compared to $1.95 at Pinnacle? Its certainly worth having an account then.

In addition to these promotions Ladbrokes also have special proposition markets such as tying a goal scorer to their team winning. Essentially a multi that wasn’t previously possible.

All of these promotions do have a big caveat though. Most are capped at $100, and the terms do state that they are only for recreational punters. So if you are looking to turn over big money on $2 lines I have some bad news, but if you’re only a $100 a match punter you can knock yourself out!

For me though probably the biggest draw to having a Ladbrokes account is the option to get yourself a Ladbrokes Card. The card is a VISA which you can use just like any other credit card, only that it’s linked to your betting account meaning that you can withdraw money or make purchases with your winnings! Like any card you should read the terms and conditions before signing up , but really its a great point of differentiation from other bookmakers and great thinking outside the box.

So our Ladbrokes review in a nutshell? Another great, solid, slick book from a reputable operator who you know will be around for years to come. Unless you are a proposition bettor Ladbrokes will never be your first choice bookmaker, but there is enough there in promotions and bonus bets to make it worth opening an account.


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Ladbrokes Review
Ladbrokes is a solid bookmaker with a great history and reputation. While it doesn't have some of the odds of other books, its ongoing promotions and Ladbrokes cards make it worth looking at for all punters.
The Good
  • Great ongoing promotions
  • Ladbrokes VISA card is unique
The Bad
  • Lower market percentages than Pinnacle
  • Special offers only available to recreational punters
  • Clunky navigation
3.8Overall Rating

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