10 best places to learn from sport betting experts for free

Searching the internet to find information about how to handicap sport can sometimes be a minefield. Full of false information and "experts" selling tips and products, it's easy to be mislead or simply give up searching. In this article we bring you the ten best free sport betting resources where you can learn from genuine experts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Arbitrage Betting

Is it really possible to guarantee a profit when betting on sport? In this article we will look at the world of arbitrage betting and see whether it is a long term or sustainable betting strategy, as well as some of the difficulties facing arbitrage bettors.

Pythagorean Expectation

Understanding pythagorean expectation is vitally important for all sports bettors, especially those who bet or trade on futures markets. This powerful tool not only predicts the future, but can also help you to easily analyse a teams current form.

The Three Averages

Our stats guru takes us through the three different types of averages, mean, median and mode and we learn how to calculate each.

Probability for Beginners

In this article our stats guru will take us through basic probability and leave us with an intriguing problem that has been confusing punters for decades.

How to calculate Expected Value

In this article we will look at the concept of expected value, and how we can use this knowledge to help us know which bets provide value, and the profits we can expect to make long term.