Are Referees Bias?

Are referees really bias? Do they ever really favour one team over another? In this article we will discover exactly how much influence referees have over football matches and try to explain what factors may be at play that causes referees to lean one way or another.

The Favourite-Longshot Bias

It is one of the most studied betting phenomenons, but also one that most average punters are unaware of. In this article we will investigate the favourite-longshot bias and look at how it may be effecting your punting without you even knowing.

Understanding Market Percentages

Market percentage is one of the most important, yet misunderstood concepts in gambling. In this article we will discuss what exactly a market percentage is, and how you can use it in your everyday betting.
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Pinnacle Sports Review

Pinnacle Sport makes no apologies for saying they are the best sport book on the internet, but can they walk the walk? In this review we look at whether Pinnacle is the world's best sport book, and what really separates it from the rest.

Z-Code System Review

We review the Z-Code System, one of the most hyped and talked about picks systems on the internet. But does it live up to all the hype, and what exactly is the Z-Code System?

Importance of Finding the Best Odds

Did you know that by simply shopping around for the best available odds you could add hundreds or even thousands more dollars to your betting bank? In this article we look at the importance of finding the best available odds and the difference it can make to your bottom line.

Do Favourites Perform Better in Finals?

Back in January I read with great interest Dan Weston’s article about favourites in the later stages of Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Interestingly Dan found that blindly betting on every favourite from the...

What is an Odd?

Anyone who has ever placed a bet on sports, racing or even at the casino would have encountered odds. But the truth is most casual gamblers would struggle to tell you exactly what odds represent or how they...