Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting promises to increase your bankroll by 15% a month without losing a cent using arbitrage betting. But is it really that easy to get free money? We review the program to really see what its like.

Asian Cup match prediction case study round 2

One round down and we are quickly onto the second round of matches for the 2015 Asian Cup. In this article we will post an update on our match prediction case study and see how our predictions have fared so far and look forward to the next four matches.

Asian Cup match prediction case study round 1

After a long wait the Asian Cup finally kicks off this Friday in Melbourne as hosts Australia face Kuwait. As part of our football predictive model case study we preview each of the opening round Asian Cup matches to see who we, and the bookmakers think will win each of the matches in Groups A and D.

Arbitrage Betting

Is it really possible to guarantee a profit when betting on sport? In this article we will look at the world of arbitrage betting and see whether it is a long term or sustainable betting strategy, as well as some of the difficulties facing arbitrage bettors.

Sports Options Review

Sports Options is a provider of live odds and statistical information. In this review we look to see how this information can be used to sharpen your betting and whether you should add Sports Options to your punting toolbox.

Pythagorean Expectation

Understanding pythagorean expectation is vitally important for all sports bettors, especially those who bet or trade on futures markets. This powerful tool not only predicts the future, but can also help you to easily analyse a teams current form.
3.8Overall Rating

Ladbrokes Review

With some of the most slick marketing and tempting bonus offers in the industry Ladbrokes is an attractive proposition for all punters. In this review I take a look to see if Ladbrokes is as impressive as it looks and uncover a unique offering that may have you signing up today.

How to calculate Expected Value

In this article we will look at the concept of expected value, and how we can use this knowledge to help us know which bets provide value, and the profits we can expect to make long term.