Welcome to Sport Betting Insider!

Our mission was to build a site that simply didn’t seem to exist, a resource where sport bettors could come to gain a greater understanding as to how and why teams and athletes win matches, and how to apply that knowledge to their punting. To do this we have put together some of the smartest brain across handicapping, analytics, sport science and coaching to pull back the curtain on sport betting and hopefully help our readers to long term betting profits.

Unlike many other sites, Sport Betting Insider has not been designed to provide previews or tips to individual events, rather we want out articles to be timeless. Each article will add a little more to the knowledge of the reader, and include practice advice or knowledge that can be directly implemented into a betting model or strategy. Below is a quick summary of each of the areas of Sport Betting Insider, we recommend you read each to help you with knowing where to find articles best suited for your needs. New content is constantly being added to Sport Betting Insider so we recommend visiting regularly, joining our mail list or following us on social media so you never miss one of our articles.


The sports section captures each article about a specific sport. While we recommend reading all articles as you can pick up bits and pieces from one sport and apply it to another, if you are looking for information about a specific sport this is the best place to start.

Think Tank

The Think Tank provides information across a range of different betting subjects designed to help you with handicapping and betting. Think Tank articles are broken down into the following subjects:

  • Analytics- Articles directly related to the study of analytics and statistics related to sport
  • Bankroll Management- contains information about various types of staking strategies and bankroll management
  • Discussion- includes articles designed to be thought provoking and provide a greater insight into the individual sport
  • Strategy- includes articles about betting strategy and systems
  • Trading– contains articles about trading on exchanges and live betting


The classroom provides articles for readers to gain a greater understanding of sport betting and how gambling works. The classroom is recommended reading for all visitors and is broken into categories depending on the knowledge/experience of the reader.


The reviews page includes reviews of sports books, tipping services and information services. Only reputable sites will be reviewed, meaning each review will focus on the practical elements of each site, as well as the quality of the service provided. Each review is made on a five star rating system.


A list of recommended resources and readings for all visitors.